Friday, January 25, 2013

Freebie Friday - Cupid

I have really been trying to complete some Valentine's Day Items but I have been unsuccessful with that endeavor.  I think my real problem is I don't like Valentine's Day and never have.  My joy on Valentine's Day is watching Documentaries about the St. Valentine's Day Massacre (sad and a little twisted, I know).  I guess I have never been one for red, pink and hearts.  When I was my daughter's age I loved it I thought it was wonderful you got candy in school.  Then I got to middle school and high school where everyone tries to out do everyone, balloons. flowers, chocolates delivered right to the classroom.  As you probably gathered I was never one of those that had anything delivered to me.  I then started working at a hotel where every Valentine's Day they served a romantic dinner, you would have to stand at the desk and watch the couple ogle at each other during dinner.  Even my husband and I have never really done the whole Valentine's Day Thing.  He works in news and I worked at a hotel neither industry ever sleeps so we never did anything.  Now that we have children I would settle for a glass of wine with no yelling (that would be a spectacular Valentine's Day Gift - lol.)  I do hope everyone enjoys my little cupid he actually resembles my husbands childhood photos with the curly blonde hair.

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  2. Thanks, a real cutie..


  3. Interesting to hear your sentiments about Valentine's Day. I worked in a restaurant for many years and so always hated the holiday. It was a duty holiday and so most of the guys were cranky. My husband is in retail and so he kind of has the same attitude. He does always try to make it special for me, though, and I do appreciate that.

    Your Cupid is cute and it was kind of you to share it!


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