Friday, February 1, 2013

Freebie Friday - Football

The Superbowl is this weekend and if you are like me you do not have a horse in the race this year.  I do love football but I could really care less who wins this year (sorry bitter Packers Fan here).  Anyways in honor of this grand tradition I drew the Football Trophy (not sure the Copyrights on Lombardi Trophy so I named it Football Trophy).

My husband and I go to a Superbowl Party every year and eat copious amounts of Chili I personally cannot wait to eat my friends chili (he only makes it once a year for Superbowl).  I am making my Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes but am going to attempt them Gluten Free (I really hope they turn out, fingers crossed).

Don't forget today was Newsletter Day!  The first of every month I release a Newsletter featuring a new unreleased digital stamp set or paper pack.  I also offer a free unreleased digital stamp with the Newsletter (this month stamp is in honor of Donald Driver who retired yesterday).  If you missed our Newsletter visit our Facebook Page for the link to our Newsletter (of course we love New Fans!)

Click the picture to download your stamps

I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the game!


  1. Thanks for the trophy! I would love to see the cupcakes too! Sounds yummy!

    1. The cupcakes turned out FANTASTIC - here is a link to the recipe from last year.

      Need to type up a new recipe that is Gluten Free because they turned out GREAT :)

  2. Huge Packer fan here and my favorite Packer of all time is Donald Driver. Thanks for the trophy and the green and gold freebie on Facebook. I have signed up for the newsletter so hope to see updates and newsletter in my mailbox.

    Are you in Wisconsin? and freezing like me?

    1. I grew up in the U.P. of Michigan (Escanaba) but live in Georgia now, so staying pretty warm :)

  3. Thanks for this and last week's freebie Amanda.



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