Sunday, January 1, 2012

Store Rebuild and Free Digi

As we grow (adding colored digital stamps) I am redoing certain parts of the Digi Shoppe.  I will eventually get through all sections of the Digi Shoppe but I am doing it in stages.  I am currently rebuilding the Duck Page to include colored ducks as well and black and white.  It is one more step but I think this new look will really help everyone see what the stamps look like.

What the new screen looks like.

What the purchase screen now looks like.
I am really excited to finish this and please check out the newly redesigned Freebie Section of the Digi Shoppe (not the blog) to see what new items I added this weekend.

I also want to apologize to my faithful Newsletter Readers with attaching last months Free Digital Stamp.  Please click on the picture below to get the Digital Stamp that was suppose to be in January's Newsletter.

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  1. I am loving the new look Digi Shoppe! Also I am a big fan of this month's newsletter freebie, Thank you Amanda :)


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