Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not Finished Folder

12 inch x 18 inch Folder  I made for Works In Progress

I created a folder for my 'works in progress' from the front and back cover of a dollar store children's scrapbook.  I used several Deco Arts paints mixed with Deco Arts Blush and Blend extender and Ranger Perfect Pearls Mist in perfect pearl to create my background. I used Amanda Marks' adorable caterpillar and the very realistic mushroom from her A.J.'s Digi Shoppe Bugs collection which are available here.  I drew the large flowers myself and colored the stamps and my flowers with school grade Buffalo watercolor paints and Stabilo Funcolor pencils.  I used Elmer's Rubber Cement as a masking agent  for the swirls on the mushroom cap.  I used a scrap of K and Company Paper and Bic Mark Its to make the banner and added dollar store 3D stickers as embellishment.  I used Elmer's Craft Bond Spray Adhesive to afix all of my paper elements to my folder, and held the folder together with Reflectix Metal Tape, covered with dollar store ribbon.


  1. Great job Dawn - I might have to make one of these :)

  2. It's gorgeous Dawn and what a great idea for all those ongoing art projects! :0)x

  3. Love this! I may need a box rather than a folder I'm afraid! lol
    Great techniques! :)

  4. awesome job I cant draw so I think its great


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