Friday, March 22, 2013

Freebie Friday - Bunny

Easter is closing in fast and I decided to tackle another home improvement project.  I'm not sure why I am concentrating so much on my home recently maybe it is because I have seen all the imperfections for 5 years and I am tired of it.  I ripped out my ugly, poorly installed, crooked (very crooked) kitchen back splash and am installing a new one.  This backsplash isn't your run of the mill glass tile backsplash it consists of pennies, beer bottles and left over glass tile from my bathroom.  I am very pleased with the progress and can not wait to finish it.  I am also wondering what the bank teller is going to say when we go in and buy $30 worth of pennies.

Hopefully this weekend I will get some more digis created and Easter Projects done.  I have high hope and it is suppose to be raining here so I have a vast check list.

Happy Spring and Weekend Everyone :)

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