Friday, April 26, 2013

Freebie Friday - Baseball

I love baseball, through the game's highs and lows, I love the stats, the history, the smell of a newly oiled glove, the field, the dogs and beer.  If you have never been to a professional game it is an amazing experience because you can not comprehend on television how big the field really is.  My first game Major League Game was the Milwaukee Brewers VS the Boston Red Sox in Milwaukee at the old County Stadium.  My dad took me for my birthday on our way to Colorado (my dad is a truck driver and I wanted to see the mountains so he took me with, the baseball game was a HUGE bonus).  I got to see Wade Boggs play which was pretty cool, I remember the chills I got when I first saw the field it was amazing and I also remember the awful Brewers uniforms (they were UGLY!)  I can't remember who won it was all a blur, I do remember Wade Boggs hitting a home run and I also remember my brother dropping my camera when I got home, exposing the whole roll of film from the game and the Colorado trip with my dad.  I still to this day have no photos taken by me of the Rocky Mountains.

I love being able to share this game with my husband and my kids love it too.  Booga (my son) is a Tigers Fan (poor kid).  When he was a baby I was watching ESPN and the only thing that quieted him was Jim Leyland's voice.  He wears a Tigers hat every night to bed (he sleeps in it) and he tore the head off one of his toys when he found out Valverde was called back up from the minors (not kidding on this one either).

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