Friday, August 30, 2013

Freebie Friday - Monster

The very first Digis I ever drew were my Monsters, every now and then I draw a few new ones but leave them in the sketchbook. I never scan them or do anything more with them I finally decided to start adding them to the Monster collection.

So there will be at least 12 new Monsters, being released in September just in time for Halloween projects.  I have decided to start adding "Monster Hands and Feet" this was at the request of my daughter. Her reasoning was to make it easier to cut them out and she told me the Monsters looked a tad childish with the stick hands (yes I have a little critic on my hands - lol).

Here is today's Freebie - Monster 22

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Don't forget the newsletter comes out on September1 - sign up for your monthly Freebie and see what else we are releasing.  Also did you miss the special Freebie I did earlier this week?  Check out Tuesday's Post for another Freebie.

Click the picture to download your digis

Because I promised photos of my finished living room:
Shortly after we finished moving the furniture back - nothing on the walls in this photo.  The brown floor is actually a brown paper floor that I applied a piece at a time with glue and polyurethaned over the top of it (12 coats).

My Printer's Typeface Tray Photo Montage 
A lot of work, blood, sweat and a whole lot of tears later we have a livable living room much to everyone's delight.


  1. Love the little monster will make a great birthday card. Thank you for sharing

  2. Such a cute monster. Thanks for sharing!


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