Friday, June 28, 2013

Freebie Friday - Watermelon

My fondest memories as a child is eating watermelon at our camp in Stonington, Michigan.  I always associate watermelon with Fourth of July because we always spent the Fourth at camp.  My aunt would cut giant, thick pieces so there was no way of escaping the sweet, sticky juices that dripped from the watermelon.  There were always 8-10 watermelons at camp for the Fourth, it seemed like everyone who stopped in to say hi, brought watermelon.  I always had a slice of watermelon in one hand and could catch frogs or fireflies with the other (my grandma would get so mad at me).  I can say from experience you can slide down a two story metal slide eating watermelon and land on your feet.  Of course eating watermelon would always lead to a watermelon seed spitting contest, I could hold my own against my older cousins.

Having my own children watermelon is a huge staple during the summer.  We can't leave the Farmer's Stand without one.  In honor of the Fourth and one of my family traditions here is some watermelon for y'all (and no it isn't as big as my aunt would cut them.)

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