Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sending Thoughts and Prayers

I am truly sadden by the events in Oklahoma yesterday, I can not even begin to comprehend the damage, heartbreak and horror they are going through right now.  I have not watched much TV coverage, having two small children and one who is terrified of thunderstorms already, I feel it is for the best.  I have been drawing quite a bit and this tragedy really made an impression on me, so I drew up a special digital stamp for everyone.

My PSA for today:  Sadly during this time of grief, people will try to take advantage of others and their generosity (these tragedies bring out the worst in people).  Please make sure the charity you are giving to is a legitimate charity.

If you are looking to communicate with loved ones, please use www.safeandwell.org.

If you would like to donate please check out this link of reputable organizations to help the people affected by the tornadoes.

Click on the picture to download the digital stamps.


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