Friday, May 31, 2013

Freebie Friday - We Are Two!

I can not believe it but the Digi Shoppe is TWO tomorrow!  It started with my Monsters, I drew them as joke for my husband.  To take my mind off my health issues I was having at the time, I started drawing digital stamps.  I created the ducks (still one of my favorites) and the My Little Brother Series that were inspired by my children (some of those scenarios were inspired by actual events), Turtles, Frogs, Papers  and so much more.

I have learned so much building my Digi Shoppe from scratch, such as HTML coding goes far better with wine or beer.  Do not ever code while in a hurry it will take twice as long and something will mess up.  Re-designing a whole site takes far longer and is a TON of work and do not plan on attempting for a very, very long time.  Most important not to get frustrated when something doesn't work put it away for a while and come back to it (the Film Canister and Clapboard).

I want to thank everyone for their support and continued support.  I have been asked by many people why do I continue to do the Freebie Fridays, you could just sell those stamps on your store.  I continue to offer Freebies every Friday because it keeps me focused on the Shop and I like giving back.  Before I started doing the freebies, I would think of the shop once a month, two days before the Newsletter came out.  The Freebies force me to stay focused and it is where I try new things (i.e. drawing styles, coloring styles, etc.).  I am also a firm believer in Karma, if you do something nice for people you will eventually be rewarded.  I am rewarded, every time someone sends me a picture or a link to something they created with my digis (I love that!)

This week's Freebie is a cake of course because as my son would say, "You can't have a birthday without cake."

Click on the picture to download your Freebie!

Don't forget tomorrow to sign up for our Monthly Newsletter - I will be releasing a NEW set of stamps and there will be at least one Freebie in the Newsletter.

Remember we will be doing a Giveaway once our blog hits 50 Followers and another Giveaway once our Facebook Page hits 150 Fans.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Happy birthday!! And thanks so much for offering freebies each week! Greatly appreciated by many, for sure!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Glad you're doing well, hope for many more years.

  3. Happy Birthday, and thanks for being such a giving person.

  4. Happy birthday. Also want to say thanks Amanda for all the latest freebies from the last month. Your generosity is always greatly appreciated.

    Lisa D.


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